Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right age for my child to begin flute lessons?
More than age, what we look for is a child’s physical ability to hold the instrument and produce a sound. But this being said, I have found that children who are at least 6-7 years old tend to be ready to start lessons.

Does my child need any previous musical training to take flute lessons?
No! While previous musical training can be beneficial and help a student pick up musical concepts more quickly, learning the flute does not require any previous musical experience.

Should I rent or buy a flute? And does the quality matter?
The most important thing is that the student, especially if a beginner, has access to a quality instrument. A well-made flute will last longer, sound better, be easier to play and more reliable. Quality flutes are available for rental or purchase at many music stores, so either way can work depending on your preference. But you should make sure to see and try the instrument before acquiring it, as every music teacher can tell you nightmare stories students who purchased instruments online only to discover after receiving them that they were of unacceptably poor quality.

Should my child begin with 45-minute or 1-hour lessons?
This will depend primarily on the students age and ability. For beginners and younger students, starting with a shorter lesson is generally the best approach. When the student is ready to tackle more complicated repertoire and instrumental techniques, an hour lesson tends to work better.

How often should my child practice?
Consistency is key! As with any extracurricular endeavor, whether music or sports, practice makes perfect! It’s important that your child practices daily, even if for just 20 minutes.

How can I help my child practice at home?
I would strongly encourage you to set a daily practice schedule for your child - either in the morning or after school. Helping your child develop a routine of practicing at the same time, day after day, is one of the best ways you can help. Also, to help cultivate your child’s interest and motivation in music, I would recommend doing things such as attending performances and listening to recordings of music at home.